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stoeger luger 22lr review Bore is also beautiful. Gun has some minor wear on bluing and a few scatterd scratches. 15 Posts. I mentioned the Winch. 17in Black Pistol - 15+1 Rounds - Stoeger brings an earned reputation for durable, dependable shotguns to the world of semiautomatic pistols with the new STR-9. Read More. com Stoeger Luger STLR4 . Stoeger STR-9 Compact. 22-­caliber Stoeger Luger that was manufactured between 1969 and 1985. Luger clone in excellent condition. MAKE CERTAIN THE PISTOL IS UNLOADED! Pull back the bolt to visually and manually verify that there is no cartridge in the chamber. 22 Lugers and the Erma . 22LR pistol and talking about . This is a no reserve penny auction for a Stoeger Luger semi-automatic pistol in . , in the 1970s. Not that I have to tell you, but it's the one on the far right in the photo below. 4″. Stoeger Luger 22 Long Rifle For Sale find for discount Stoeger Luger 22 Long Rifle For Sale check price now. If it worked, I'd much rather have a Stoeger Luger than a Ruger, as a fun plinker. Matt, Stoeger introduced a . I can help "some" with travel. 95 each or 5 for $100. With empty magazine in place, breech will remain in open position. View Item in Catalog Lot #10 (Sale Order: 8 of 191) Sold for: $375. The Erma Lugers (. I saw a Luger 12 ga. Stoeger . " That F model, featuring both single-­ and double-­action operation, is still offered by Stoeger today. Description: ( ( ( (SALE PENDING G. Twitter. I just recently purchased a Erma La 22lr my Dad had a Stoeger I just replaced the broken sear in mine and released the springs and the ejector pin in my Erma and it shoots like a dream. 22 Lugers. 22 conversion kitsfor larger caliber lugers), it therefore is common for some people to confuse the Stoeger. You . A neat plinker that would go great with one of the new 22 LR MP40s or . 22 L R. 00 each. The post The Rimfire Report: Totally Toggle-Locked – Stoeger Luger 22 Review appeared first on The Firearm Blog. So it is very sturdy. Be the first to write a review So my 1913 P08 is a real German Luger, designed by Georg Luger, while the Stoeger . Stoeger also sold . 22, looks new, and is in the box with all papers. Category. Be the first to review this product. SOLD Manufacturer: Stoeger. Stoeger Luger page; Main Page; Fieldstripping the Stoeger . Made in the U. Open breech by activating toggles. My father passed before Christmas 2018 and I ended up with his Stoeger Luger . My American made Stoeger Luger is 9mm parabellum and toggles as it is supposed to. This magazine is made in the USA by Triple K. The STR-9 uses a longer pivoting extractor powered by a coil spring. The new pistol comes with 13- or 10-round magazines, making it a great EDC choice practically anywhere. Not there’s anything wrong with that. Luger Stoeger Arms 22 Caliber LR Pistol, S#67894. 22lr. It was imported into the states until, in 1994, an American-made version was sold. Share. 380 version, and an Erma-built . 1. Find more Cheap Price and More Promotion for STOEGER LUGER 22 - Lead Wipes Online reviews STOEGER LUGER 22 - Lead Wipes This will be STOEGER LUGER 22 - Lead Wipes Sale Brand New for your favorite. The ERMA 22 Luger was sold during the mid-1960's. 22 Lugers are picky about ammo and an extra cartridge guide to better facilitate chambering would be a welcome addition. $ 449. stoeger luger 22. Condition: Used, As New. Many internet detectives state that a simple polishing of the chamber will increase reliability considerably. Everything else is a Parabellum. 380 cal. 22 Bolt Assembly Stoeger Luger Boltways W/ Bolt Stop . Especially the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory. For Sale (no trades this time please) Stoeger Luger in . Is there any out there with any experience with either. In the 1970's they began making a . The Erma luger generally sells for a little more, some say the Erma is better, alot claim both lugers are unreliable, but i beg to differ on that, my luger is a lower serial old pistol, and as long as it is clean and oiled well it fires great and is very accurate, a Stoeger . Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Actually, the Stoeger pistols are the only Lugers, as Stoeger owned the trademark. I just fixed a Stoeger Luger which was failiing to complete the extraction stroke. In 1980, they went to a steel frame and then only produced them until 1985. Pinterest. The Stoeger Luger was of the same general pattern as the original Luger Parabellum, but it used a simplified version of the toggle lock and the frame was an aluminum forging with the barrel inserted into the front and secured by a cross-pin. No doubt it will aid feeding better. 5. 22LR ammo with OilTheGun and son enjoying the shooting sport. Joined Dec 30, 2003. Checkered Stoeger Luger Pistol Grips. This pistol comes with one 10 round magazine. All frames are snowflakes that were pulled from the production line for various reasons. When production began, an aluminum receiver was used. From the looks of it, it has never been taken apart for a deep cleaning. Stoeger w/box, papers & rug : Semi-auto at GunBroker. 22 LR Semi-Automatic Pistol In Box from Kraft Auction Service on Invalid date CST. Alloy frame. The ERMA 22 Luger and the Stoeger 22 Luger. Its integrated rail, internal safety, reversible magazine . " This Stoeger Luger is a remake of the original Luger P-08. 22 Boltways Block Stoeger . 22 caliber Lugers and Luger (type) pistols mass produced (not including . Just when you thought the market could not bear another polymer-frame, double-stack 9 mm handgun, Stoeger Industries makes a strong case for one more with the STR-9. 22 which only remotely resembled the original design. WEIGHT – 30 OZ. In the 90s, the company even offered its own 9 mm Lugers in stainless and blue finishes. Mine was given to me several years ago and I've never taken the opportunity to shoot it (although no real reason why I haven't). pistol with a 3" barrel, model #STLR-4. Stoeger’s are American made, and are considered less wanted than the Erma. Predating the 1911 by a decade, the Luger design survives as one of the classic shapes in all of pistoldom. It comes with a corrosion-resistant black nitride finish and interchangeable backstrap grips. 22LR, 10 RD: ORIGIN – USA. Title #1 Stoeger Arms Corp German Luger 22 Action Long Rifle Holster Subject: ⭐⭐⭐ Stoeger Arms Corp German Luger 22 Action Long Rifle Holster If you are looking for Seeley Stoeger Arms Corp German Luger 22 Action Long Rifle Holster Yes you look this. Stoeger Luger | . Specifications: Stoeger Luger . My gut says that since it is novelty 22lr semiauto reproduction of a centerfire mil surp made by a company known for entry level double barrel shotguns; red flag. 4. I will be doing so before this summer. Stoeger first made this Luger with an Aluminum frame from 1969-1979. Value is assessed mainly by condition of these . Features an aluminum frame with walnut grips and the rear sight is a raised square . ALL CLUB ORDERS $49+ SHIP FREE! Quantity. 5 inches. 22 Luger design. When I acquired this pistol it was basically new in the box. The cool factor times 10 with this 22 LR BigDaddyHoffman1911 showing and shooting The Luger . 22 plinker type pistol. Be the first to write a review Disassembly of the Stoeger Luger Pistol: 1. Kalispell ( map ) My Profile. The polymer frame features aggressive texturing, thumb groves, and an under-cut trigger guard to provide a non-slip hold and position the shooter's hand close to the bore axis for enhanced control . 1". Punch out the frame assembly pin. Private Seller/Buyer/Trader. S. While it is a very close clone of the original P-08 they are made out of a very poor quality metal and are basically junk. I have seen this gun at the last two gun shows I have been to (3 weeks apart). C. Barrel: 4. They also feature a design that is less like that of a Luger than the Erma. The old Stoeger . It . It is suspected that the chambers in the Stoeger Luger 22 pistols are tighter and better suited for European 22 rimfire cartridges. 22 uses an internal hammer rather than the original Luger's spring-loaded striker and peculiar side-pivoting sear. So all steel where it was needed was used in the aluminum frame Stoeger and the aluminum frame was rated at 82000 psi. $350. The $559 20 gauge version of this model is equipped with extractors, instead of ejectors, and a single non-selective trigger. Related Items: Stoeger . CALIBER – . One more option for your internet shopping. Both have been out of production for decades. The Stoeger M3500 is a semi-automatic, inertia-action shotgun produced in Turkey. 22 Luger riffs swap the original’s tapered shape for something a bit more Tiger tank-esque. 22 Air Rifle - Gas Ram Break Barrel Garden Plinker Airgun Gear Show / 437 Views / 06-04-2018 April 6th 2018 This is a review of the Stoeger Atac S2 break barrel air rifle. I am pretty sure he told me he bought it new in 1976. LENGTH OF MAGAZINE – 5. 25 inches, and at the widest point on the grip, the STR 9 measures 1. In 1991, the Houston, Texas firm of Aimco, Inc. Location. This is a Luger reproduction by Stoeger in . com Stoeger Luger 22lr : Semi-auto at GunBroker. $24. This was known as the “American Eagle Luger,” being an all stainless steel 9 mm pistol available with a 4-inch or 6-inch barrel. Pistol is in fine to near excellent condition overall, showing minimal mars from handling and some minor imperfections in the finish from themanufacturing process. REVIEW: Stoeger ATAC S2 . It is a blow-back operated, semi-automatic pistol introduced by Stoeger in 1969 and was . Last Updated on Wed, 13 Jan 2021 | Stoeger Luger . STOEGER LUGER, . A 22 match reamer removed a lot of metal from the rear 1/8" of the chamber and all problems ended. They literally wear out a few hundred rounds. Item currently sold out. from 1969-1986 for Stoeger Arms, this is a . NOW $325. 380) have toggles much like the true Luger: the parts are not interchangeable. Except for the markings on the side of the pistol, that's the only difference I can see between the NiteScout P226 and the old Stoeger . On the Stoeger . Remove magazine by depressing release button (A) located on left side immediately behind the trigger. Remove grip screws (G) and wooden grip panels from both sides of the gun. This is a 10 round 22lr gun mag. Introducing the Stoeger STR-9 He said he had my old Rem 552 . If you have additional questions There were all sorts of companies making 22 conversions for guns like the Colt 1911 and the Luger P08 pistol, but why not make a cheaper American-made option of the latter? The guns were available with either a 4. online shopping has now similar to a long way; it has distorted the way consumers and entrepreneurs attain event today. Open breech by activating toggles (E). FREE shipping on orders over $75! Orders shipped within 24 hours except week-ends and holidays. The partly extracted case would bump the bullet of the top cartridge in the magazine. It's a Stoeger Luger chambered in . Handguns. Source Link. Besides the gun, it would also come with two magazines total. 3. Review: Stoeger STR-9. 22 LR caliber pistol. 22 Long Rifle versions of the Luger, made by Stanley Tool Co. He had brought it along cause he was headed for his ranch. There is no serial numbers list for dating the . 22 Luger Barrel. Firearm diversity includes a variety of calibers and gauges: double barrel over & unders, side-by-sides, semi-autos, and pump-actions; as well as auto-loading defense and sporting pistols. 22 is. Bore Condition: Good. 10-11-18))))STOEGER LUGER 222LR IT HAS A 4 IN BARREL THE GUN LIKE NEW BUT HAS SHOT NO BOX OR PAPERS FOR $350 + $20 SHIPPED TO A FFL DEALER IN THE LOWER 48 NO SALE TO CA HI DC OR WERE IT MAY BE ILLEGAL TO OWN YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR STATE LAWS. Stoeger came out with a US$700 stainless steel reproduction in the 1990's which is parts-interchangeable with the original but which unfortunately is no longer in . i like the looks and the light weight of the gun but i dont know anything about it. Last edited: Feb 23, 2021. 22LR Pistol, in good overall condition, pistol features a 4" barrel, 8" overall length, checkered wooden grips, and a blued finish. hey i justed purchased a used stoeger lugar semi auto 12 gauge for my wife it looks to be in execellent condition but it didnt come with an owners manual, does any one know where i should look to find one. 22 cal, high polish blued finish, checkered walnut grips. , but in recent years has . The Condor I is a no-frills over/under shotgun. Facebook. For sale is a Stoeger Luger semi-automatic pistol in . on-line looking has currently as soon as an elongated manner; it's modified the showing off shoppers and entrepreneurs pull off situation nowadays. Gun is clean both internally and externally with a high bore shine. 22 long rifle 22LR Luger 22 Pistols Reviews Rimfire Semi-Auto Stoeger Luger The Rimfire Report The post The Rimfire Report: Totally Toggle-Locked – Stoeger Luger 22 Review appeared first on The Firearm Blog. 22lr Lugers available. These being the only working toggle . The Glock extractor is driven by a rod plunger and spring. 22 caliber version complete with the toggle action, just like the original P08's. 22 Caliber Luger in the early 1970s. Frames were made of aluminum, not zamak, and came in 4. It weighs 24 ounces. Buy 5 - 99 and pay only $20. 9 inches overall. Nice Stoeger Luger . Introducing the Stoeger STR-9 Stoeger also sold . 8″. He had not reall planned to trade it, but the Stoeger was nice enough. 22LR Parabellum breech. Base plate color may vary. Mature readers might also remember the . 22 P08's and to even think they are the same pistol. Features an aluminum frame with walnut grips and the rear sight is a raised square notch type. The primary function of this shotgun is to hunt, and the 3. Stoeger Industries Stoeger has actually been around for quite a while, at one time having sold a reproduction Luger pistol in the U. Beginning in 1980 a production change using a steel receiver began. The action is partially prepped by the slide, either by racking the slide or by the slide moving in recoil after firing. Description. With their big ass bull barrels, present-day . Disassembly of the Stoeger Luger Pistol: 1. Plus that $300 bought me a nice S&W M28-2 at the last show! _____ That F model, featuring both single-­ and double-­action operation, is still offered by Stoeger today. 22 LR. 2. Also, AFAIK the Stoeger . Increase quantity. He said he had my old Rem 552 . Asking price $300. Stoeger Condor I Stoeger’s line of double-barrel shotguns is made by IGA of Brazil. View sold price and similar items: Stoeger Luger . CAL. semi-auto by Stoeger, made in Turkey and was told it had a Beretta designed action. Here you'll find reasonable item products details. Here are several pics of the gun. 5" barrels, you could also order a target model with adjustable rear sights. Stoeger M3020 Semiautomatic Shotgun. 22 L. The cause was that the chamber was too tight at the very rear. Remove magazine. Stoeger is the legal owner of the "Luger" name and importer for such. Brand: STOEGER. 22LR. com RARE LNIB Stoeger Luger P. Screw is on left side, above the trigger. ·. 22 long rifle replica of the Luger. Luger . It looks good with quality wood and priced under $400. 09/18/2021 (5 days ago) $375. 22, the barrel and receiver don't move upon firing; the pistol operates as a pure blowback, but with a toggle linkage to operate the bolt rather than a more conventional straight coil spring. OVERALL LENGTH – 8. Decrease quantity. 22LR Lugers that a shooter could pick up today, one being made by Erma, the other by Stoeger. In excellent condition. A 4. I have two 10 shot magazines. 08 22LR w/display box : Semi-auto at GunBroker. 22 and . Here is a gun magazine for Stoeger Luger guns. Stoeger Luger Range Review was a fun run. External appearance is close to that of the German Luger. Remove the sear bar retaining screw. Tags: . 22 Stoeger Luger's toggle assembly is steel as is the bolt which rides in steel recesses not in aluminum recesses as well as the entire barrel is all steel, as opposed to the Erma barrel which is a steel sleeve encased by zamac pot metal. Stoeger STR-9 9mm Luger 4. Five and a half inch barrel. This pistol comes with one 10 round magazine and non-OEM case. This is a g. Cursory google reveals mainly forum questions like . I had a Ruger Mk. Great writeup. Serial number-21319. Stoeger 22lr "Luger;" Avoid? At yonder local cabelas, they have a used stoeger 22lr luger for $330-$350 (can't remember exactly). 3 inches. Due to this they all have random issues and will be SOLD AS IS with NO RETURNS at a blow out price. 00 to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and . III and sold it after maybe 200 rounds. I Just bought a Stoeger Luger 22lr pistol. The Stoeger® STR-9 Semi-Auto Pistol utilizes a striker-fired mechanism and outstanding ergonomics to deliver rapid shots with unfailing reliability. Since it is a semi-automatic machine, it is very inexpensive as compared to other models. 5 and 5. . began making an all new remake of the original Georg Luger design. Below, NiteScout P226 . stoeger coach gun supreme shotgun review Since 1923 Stoeger has been associated with fine firearms for the hunter, sporting shooter and even for defense. The best I can remember so did my dads Stoeger. If so, that might be a good thing since the Stoeger . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 20, 2004. It has the leather holster and magazine loader, 2 magazines. 22 Lugers did not have that and it is an innovation by Nitescout to the old Stoeger . 2-inch barrel gives the Stoeger an overall length of just under 7. if any one has any info about it that would be great. com Stoeger Luger 22lr 4 1/2 Barrel : Semi-auto at GunBroker. 22 Luger goes for around $300+ from what i've seen. If so, just looking to hear your thoughts. 00. This striker-fired 9mm comes packed with features you'd expect in a pistol costing twice as much. 22 auto in the truck to swap for the Luger. Caliber: . 22 cal. 22 LR (PR38783) Description: Stoeger Luger . It is suspected that the chambers in the Stoeger Luger 22 pistols are tighter and better suited for European 22 rimfire cartridges. Currently there are two . Made from heat treated blued steel and has a polymer base . The . Original box, manual and cleaning brush. Plus that $300 bought me a nice S&W M28-2 at the last show! _____ There were two . This is a full size Pistol with the 5 inch barrel and the blued finish is in excellent condition. ReddIt. semi automatic pistol : Semi-auto at GunBroker. So my 1913 P08 is a real German Luger, designed by Georg Luger, while the Stoeger . R. Model: Luger. I considered it, but since I already have two of them, I couldn't see the point. To begin with, Stoeger commissioned a number of small companies in Germany to manufacture a . Email. We have a bunch of old surplus Stoeger Luger 22LR frames. 00! Buyer must have a valid NC drivers license and a CCP, or a Purchase Permit from their county Sheriff. I picked up my Erma LA-22 for 200$ used at a local Cabela’s. 5” chamber further makes it attractive for Canadians. im . Remove grip screws and grips. 22 Luger The following photographs display the significant steps to fieldstrip this pistol. The Luger (or Parabellum) pistol has always fascinated me since I was a small boy due to its historical significance, unique toggle-lock mechanism, pleasing shape and collector value. Stoeger American Eagle Luger, #C0938, . 62 and he said, "I better head for the ranch before I do something stupid. A vote for anyone other then the conservative candidates is a vote for the liberal candidates. Source Tags: . No major cosmetic damage on bluing or wood. Over the past seven decades, Stoeger imported a number of different handguns under the "Luger" mark including a . Height from the base of the magazine pad to the top of the slide is 5. Stoeger Luger was introduced in 1969 and was discontinued in 1985. Item # WX2- 66645. Stoeger Luger . 22lr Luger is a knockoff that was not designed by Georg Luger! Stoeger may claim legal rights to Georg Luger's last name but otherwise it's a joke to say the P08 is not a Luger pistol and the Stoeger . The Luger P-08 was an improvement over the earlier Borchardt C93 and became one of the first mass-produced semi-automatic handguns. Stoeger Luger, but this information can help to eliminate the years it wasn't produced. The STR-9 pistol is a polymer-framed design with a striker-fired action. The pistol features a 3. com Actually, the Stoeger pistols are the only Lugers, as Stoeger owned the trademark. 8-inch barrel and measures 6. 22LR STG 44 rifles that GSG is making these days. 22lr Luger. Until now, if you were creating a list of Stoeger handguns, that would be it. Automatic Pistol The Stoeger luger would come in a box like the one below with a warranty card, parts reference sheet, and manual (mine is a reproduction). Still for sale. stoeger luger 22lr review